• Widman Isrrael Cristóbal Juárez            Widman with Dr. Kelley Castlin-Gacutan, Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools    

    Widman with Dr. Kelley Castlin-Gacutan


    October 27, 2015 - This year Alabama Power sponsored what they hope will become an annual event featuring art tied to literature for the Birmingham City Schools.  Over 750 students throughout the district entered drawings in an effort to promote arts and literacy.  The fifteen finalists were participants from nine of the twenty-one schools that entered artwork.  Hayes K-8 was pleased to have one of our 5th graders, Widman Isrrael Cristóbal Juárez, represent us in the competition.  Widman was one of 288 4th and 5thgraders who competed, drawing a representation of what the cover of a book about his life would look like.  Widman’s artwork, My Wild Life, depicts a colorful stampede of various wild animals running across a grassy plain.  His drawing won 3rd place in the district for the 4th-5th grade group.  We are so proud of him! Thank you, Widman, for once again showing that Hayes K-8 truly does “set the pace” in Birmingham City Schools!

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