Welcome to Community Education Department

Mission Statement
The mission of the Birmingham Community Education Department is to ensure that every person realizes life-long learning opportunities and fulfills a productive role in their community through collaborative efforts with social service and community agencies who enhance the educational process through committed staff, growing resources, and extended use of school facilities that stimulate community involvement.

Location of Community Schools
Zone 1 - Parker Community School located at Parker High School, Cathy McCord-Baugh,Coordinator
Zone 2 - West End Community School located at Hemphill Elementary School, Stacy D. Allen, Coordinator
Zone 3 - Community Education South located at Comer School, Gail Smith, Coordinator
Zone 4 - Woodlawn Community School located at Woodlawn High School, Sims Smith, Coordinator
Zone 5 - Community Education East located at Smith Middle School, Derrell A Morrison, Coordinator

Contact Information
Derrell A. Morrison, Lead Coordinator
Smith Middle School Room 204
Community Education East
1124 Five Mile Road
Birmingham, AL  35215
205.231.5906 fax
Stacy D. Allen
West End Community School @ Hemphill Elementary
714-12th Street Southwest
Birmingham, AL 35211
205.231.7499 fax

Cathy McCord-Baugh

Parker Community School
400 Abraham Woods, Jr. Blvd.
Birmingham, AL  35204
205.231.2913 fax
Gail Smith
Community Education South
1220 50th St. South
Birmingham, AL  35222
205.231.8981 fax

Sims Smith
Woodlawn Community School
5620 First Ave. North
Birmingham, AL  35212
205.231.8085  fax

Theresa Douglas
Community Education Department, Senior Secretary
1124 Five Mile Road
Birmingham, AL  35215