The Journey Begins Here Touching the Lives of Children

West End Academy




The mission of Birmingham City Schools and West End Academy is to guide all students to achieve excellence in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment.







Birmingham City Schools and West End Academy will be recognized leaders in public education, meeting the needs of a diverse student population prepared to succeed in a global society.

Our Core Values




Diversity, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Compassion, Teamwork




We Believe:

  • that all children can learn
  • everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect 
  • everyone needs a safe environment
  • failure is not an option
  • family is the fundamental strength of the individual and society
  • that all children should be exposed to technology
  • that the education is a shared responsibility. It is a partnership between home, school, and community.
  • in data driven instructions.




FAILURE Is Not An Option*W. E. Aim High (*West End Academy) because the journey begins here touching the lives of children.