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Tisha Nguyen
    Tisha Nguyen
  Academic Officer

Goal/Strategic Intent

Laser focused commitment to meet the instructional needs of all Birmingham City Schools students. This commitment is unwavering and in spite of any and all circumstances. Deliberate and intentional efforts will be ongoing to maximize all options and opportunities for our students to be college and career ready.  We are normed on wanting our students to be international scholars and masters of their selected domain. Their exceptional skills, knowledge and mindset will bleed through in every setting, and make them ready for the technological cutting edge jobs of tomorrow. 


 Focus Areas:

College and Career Readiness

II.                 Setting and achieving ambitious  Instructional goals

III.                Global Innovative Interdisciplinary approaches

IV.                Exposure to International Excellence





College and Career Readiness


1.       Establish a personalized plan of progress through an electronic portfolio that follows every student K-12 to ensure that students reach college and career goals

2.       Ensure students are on track to complete requirements and graduate in four years

3.       Infuse 21st-century skills framework to support College and Career Readiness standards

4.       Develop innovative opportunities for students to engage in project-based and authentic problem-solving experiences

5.       Identify students who may need support in transitioning to higher education and provide embedded college remediation courses in their senior year

6.       Use assessment data such as PLAN, EXPLORE, and ACT to advance student progress on personalized plan benchmark goals

7.       Promote post-secondary technical training, work study and apprenticeship opportunities


Setting and achieving ambitious Instructional goals


1.       Ensure that all students experience instruction through an aligned, engaging, and  rigorous curriculum

2.       Embed critical thinking, inquiry based learning opportunities, throughout every  grade levels

3.       Engage students in becoming independent lifelong learners whereby teachers serve as facilitators of their learning

4.       Evaluate all programs and resources to ensure that they have the rigor needed for outstanding national and international student achievement

5.       Create a culture of systematic best practices that promote rigor, alignment and engagement

6.       Build a culture of goal setting amongst students, where they track their progress and demand achievement of ambitious learning goals

7.       Develop a systematic robust professional development and instructional coaching system with performance expectations to support achievement of ambitious learning goals

8.       Teach, model, practice, inspect and expect a data driven culture to meet and achieve ambitious learning goals


Global Innovative Interdisciplinary approaches


1.       Build a culture of interdisciplinary excellence within the four core content areas

2.       Embed differentiation seamlessly into our core business of teaching and learning

3.       Explore and implement mastery of cutting edge technology driven assessments

4.       Purposefully marry core subject areas where best literacy and mathematical practices are concerned


Exposure to International Excellence


1.       Build a culture whereby international current events are key to student learning

2.       Offer opportunities that push knowledge and exposure to  international  events

3.       Purposefully promote international comparisons and contrast relating to student achievement

4.       Offer electives and extra-curricular activities that promote international engagement and literacy




Performance Measure



1.1  Graduation Rate



% of students graduating in their cohort



1.2  Special Education subgroup



% of gap in annual measurable objectives with students with disabilities when compared to all student achievement




1.3  Overage Student Population



% of students who are 2 or more years above the average age for their enrolled grades




1.4  College Readiness



% of students scoring at or above the national average score on College Readiness Assessments  (EXPLORE, PLAN and ACT)




1.5  Student Attendance



% of students who are absent less that 10 days




1.6  Advanced Placement



% of students scoring achieving qualifying scores on the Advanced Placement Exams 




1.7  Student Achievement



% of students in grades 3-8 meeting and exceeding state accountability standards (Aspire)




1.8  Student Achievement



% of students passing state accountability standards on the Quality Core (End of Course) Assessments



1.9  Pre-K Classrooms



Number of pre-K classrooms in the school system






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