Degrees and Certifications:


I am a graduate of the University of Alabama in Birmingham. I have been teaching for 27 years.  I have taught in Alabama  and in Georgia.  I am married to my best friend, have 3 sons, and 3 grandchildren.  I became interested in the field of special  education as a teenager.  I realized that I wanted to work with students with special needs.  I have dedicated my life to working with these students.

I believe that all students can learn.  Many require special accommodations and modifications to be successful.  I love to see my student's faces light up when they learn to do something new.  These students want to succeed.  They just need assistance to get there.

It has been my pleasure to serve as an Autism Specialist for Birmingham City Schools for the past 5 years..  I look forward to continuing my mission to give my students the best, most appropriate education I can.