Robinson Elementary School Counseling Program

    Note From your School Counselor:

    Hello Roadrunners,
    Mrs. Franklin hopes each and everyone of you are safe and well. For school counseling resources please visit the tab under teachers and find my name. Once you click on my name an array of school counseling resources are available for you. I am also attaching a link below to the roadrunner school counseling website. In these unprecedented times know that I am available if you need me, I miss each of you!

    -Mrs. Franklin



     How do I contact Mrs. Franklin?
                     Call Office - 231-5555
                     Email - cpattonfranklin

                   Remote Learning:

    Virtual hours 11:00am-1:00pm

    Contact 205-402-8965

    Robinson Elementary School Counseling Program


    What do School Counselors Do?
             The counselor assists all students in 
                     developing competencies in knowledge
                     of self and others, educational 
                     planning,and career planning.
                     Goals and objectives meet student    
                     needs for a school counseling curriculum,
                     individual planning, responsive 
                     services, and system support.
    School Counseling Curriculum
                     The counselor visits each classroom
                     to present academic, personal/social, 
                     and career development competencies
                     as specified in The Comprehesive
                     Counseling & Guidance Model for
                     Alabama Public Schools  
                     Responsive Services
                     Individual and small group counseling
                     is provided to assist students
                     experiencing concerns such as grief, 
                     divorce, anger management, social
                     skills, grade retention, ADD/ADHD.
                     Students are referred for counseling
                     by parents/guardians, teachers, and