• Avondale Elementary School Library Policies


    All children will have access to books, materials and resources regardless of gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic standards.  Books and materials are available for all and no age appropriate books will be off-limits to students.  



    Pre-K and K may checkout books for their classroom use.  They will not be able to take them home until first grade.  

    Students are allowed unlimited checkouts based on their current reading level in grades 3-5.

    PreK and K will be limited to one checkout per week.  Upon returning the book, they will check out a new book for use within their classroom.

    Grade 1 students may checkout two books for one week.  Grade 2 students may checkout three books for one week.  Books can be renewed.

    The reason for the change in numbers is because it is imperative for students to have access and ability to checkout books and materials to encourage reading and improving literacy levels.  I personally believe that all students who want to check out more than their grade level maximum should have the ability to do so.  It is far better to have plenty of choices than only what was allowed in the past.

    I do not collect late fees.  If the student continues to turn in late, their ability to checkout may be limited in the future depending on circumstances.

    Students with any books checked out may get an extension and additional books during their class visit time.

    Books that are lost will be "forgiven" the first time, however, if any additional loss(es) will result in student checkout ability will be reevaluated.

    Books can be easily receive damage.  Intentional documented damage will result in loss of privileges for a specific time period.  Accidental damage will result in books temporary removal for repair.  If damage is irrepairable, a replacement will be purchased and damaged book will be destroyed.

    Changes to the above policies are subject to adjustments.





  • May is Asian American Heritage Month

    Posted by BILLIE SMITH on 5/6/2019

    May is Asian American Heritage Month.

    Before the library begins inventory in mid-May, we will begin our celebration of Asian American Heritage Month.  There will be map work, videos on celebrations, writing in different Asian symbols, read-alouds with legends from each country, and virtual field trips to explore each region.  

    Inventory will begin May 15 and will continue until May 24.  Students must return their library books quickly.  



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