•  Cecilia Phillips, Counselor

    Name:  Cecilia Phillips, Counselor
                 G.W. Carver High School
                 3900 24th Street North
                 Birmingham, AL 35207
    Contact: (205)558-6449 
    Email: cphillips@bhm.k12.al.us
              Remote Office Hours   
             11am -1pm  Mon-Thur

     If I can't fix it, change it, or do anything about it, I just pray!

    Upcoming Dates:
    June ACT Test
    • Registration Deadline:  May 8
    • Late Registration Deadline:  May 22
    • Scores First Available:  June 23


    • All work assignments submitted to teachers for grading are due as completed.
    • Teachers may have deadlines so read carefully. 
    • Continue to submit your work in order to improve your grades.
    • Grade Results and School PLP are both still active. Please complete all subjects by May 22

    Juniors: During the month of May here is an exercise that you may want to really take some time to do!

    College Research Info:

    1.  Pick 5 colleges you may want to attend after completing high school.
    2.  Start a folder with the entry requirements such as: GPA, ACT or SAT, and other required courses to gain enerollment. Keep this folder handy!
    3.  Think about what you would like to be when you grow up. Do these colleges offer what you need to get you there?
    4.  Look at the college website to be sure your major course of study is there.  If available, look at the syllabus or major program requirements.
    5.  Jot down the tuition, room and board (if you are interested in living on campus) other fees to determine your overall cost for attending to reach that degree.
    6.  Write an essay explaining why you deserve or need a scholarship.

     Start a conversation with your parent/guardian about going to college, next steps after graduation, expectations.  This should get you started with planning for your near future!