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    Our Mission, Vision and Core Values



    Our Mission 


    The mission of the Birmingham City Schools is to guide all students to achieve excellence in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.


    Our Vision


    Birmingham City Schools will be a recognized leader in public education, meeting the needs of a diverse student population prepared to succeed in a global society.


    Our Core Values



     District & School-wide Initiatives

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Accelerated Reader

  • AR


    AR Report 2018-2019



    February 2019

    Quizzes Passed 58 *           YTD 3,433


    January 2019

    Quizzes Passed 182 *          YTD 3,375

    Independent Readers: 71%

    Reading Genre: Fiction 67%  NonFiction 33%

    * AR system was down several days *


    December 2018

    Quizzes Passed 326             YTD 3,193

    Independent Readers: 74%

    Reading Genre: Fiction 74%    NonFiction 26%



    November 2018

    Quizzes Passed: 476            YTD 2,867

    Independent Readers: 66%

    Reading Genre:  Fiction 83% NonFiction 17%



    October 2018

    Quizzes Passed:  527           YTD 2,391

    Independent Readers: 65%

    Reading Genre:  Fiction 80% NonFiction 20%


    September 2018

    Quizzes Passed: 889             YTD 1,864

    Independent Readers: 69%

    Reading Genre: Fiction 77% NonFiction 23%


    August 2018

    Quizzes Passed: 975

    Independent Readers: 63%

    Reading Genre: Fiction 76% NonFiction 24%





    August 2017 - Total Quizzes Passed 642


    September 2017 - Total Quizzes Passed 2, 606 YTD


    October 2017 - Total Quizzes Passed 4,573 YTD


    November 2017 - Total Quizzes Passed 5,943 YTD


    December/March (2017-2018) - Total Quizzes Passed 8,122 YTD


    2017 - 2018 

    End of the Year Report

    Total Quizzes Passed    9,168

    Total Points Earned       4,685.7


    SUPER Top Class  . . . .Mrs. Thomas Gr. 3     

    Quizzes Passed 1,676 & Points Earned 730.9


    Top Class . . . Mrs. Bobbs Gr. 3         

                              1,024 &                        439.8


    Top Students

    Joe Gibson Gr. 5 (Williams) 34.3 points earned


    Benjamin Newsome Gr. K (Smith) 30.0 points earned


    Great Job Everyone!

    Have a Great Summer of Reading!







    AR Top Students for Dec. - May 10th (over 20 pts.) will receive a SURPRISE from the Library!


    Top Classes for the year (most quizzes passed and/or most class points) will receive a SURPRISE from the library!