• Welcome to fourth grade!


    Name: Tabitha Rutlege-Pugh
    Grade: Fourth Grade
    Subject: All Subjects
    Classroom: Rm 309
    Phone Ext: 205-231-6555

    I've been waiting on you!

    I am your child's teacher, Mrs. Pugh. I am so excited about having your child in my class this year! Changes have already begun to take place. First and foremost my name has changed from Ms. Rutledge to Mrs. Pugh. We also have many new and exciting things taking place this year .  Your child will be participating in several programs this year.  Fourth grade students participate in the M.O.R.E Program. It is a reading program which allows the students to build their own personal library. Every time they read a book and answer questions correctly, they earn a book. They will also participate in the GREAT Program which teaches them to be responsible citizens. They will also be setting goals for themselves and with your help, I know they will achieve any goals they set for themselves.  We certainly need your assistance this year with helping your child achieve academic success. I look forward to working with you!