• Mrs. Cook-Turner

    Name: Machelle Cook-Turner
    Grade: 1
    Subject: All Subjects
    Classroom: 125
    Phone Ext:
    Welcome to First Grade!
         All about me... I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and grauated from Ramsay High School.  I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Tuskegee University in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education.
         For many years I taught second grade and really enjoyed it.  Each year I get a brand new group of bright young and eager to learn students.
         This year I have been given the opportunity to teach first grade.  It's going to be a very exciting year!
    First Grade Classroom Discipline Plan
    1. Listen and follow directions promptly.
    2. Keep unkind words to yourself.
    3 Only one person may speak at a time.
    4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    5. Observe all sound limits.
    1. Time out in room.
    2. Time out in a different classroom.
    3. Note or phone call to parents.
    4. Visit to the principal.

    POSITIVE REINFORCEMENTS that can be used when students behave include:

    Good notes to parents
    Good notes to the principal


       Given on Fridays and will be collected the following Friday. All homework must be signed by parent or guardian.


    Although we function with these rules at school, it is important to sometimes remind your children of these rules while they are also at home.  At the beginning of the school year and for the first couple of days after returning from a long holiday (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break), it is often helpful to remind your children of the "school rules."  You may try asking them to tell you one or two rules about safe behavior at school.  This reminder from home often prevents "forgetting" the rules when we are on a break and helps all of us to have a smoother day back to our routine.

    Thank you for your support and involvement with your child's education.