Welcome to 7th and 8th Grade Mathematics
     Welcome back Hawks! We are eager to begin helping you to be successful in your math class. Your success depends on your effort, your attendance, and your positive attitude.
         Your effort will be shown in the notebook that you will be required to keep. In it you will write daily notes and do your assignments. You will also be REQUIRED TO DO YOUR ASSIGNMENTS AND TO TAKE YOUR QUIZZES AND TESTS IN PENCIL. Be sure to correct your errors on your assignments, quizzes, and tests – LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. Always ASK questions on anything you do not understand.
         It is most important that you be present and on time each day. If you have to miss class, it is YOUR responsibility to get the notes and the assignment, make arrangements to take any quiz or test that you miss, and follow school policy for assignment due dates as outlined in the Agenda. You have one week to make up quizzes and tests. BE SURE TO REVIEW THE BROAD ATTENDANCE POLICY.
         To insure your success, you need to keep a positive attitude about your work, to review your work each night, and to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Pay close attention in class and ask us for help.