• J.Lindsay

    Name: Jarmekca Lindsay
    Grade: 1st Grade
    Classroom: 138#
    Phone Ext:  205.231.6707
    It is my pleasure to welcome you and your First Grader to South Hampton K-8 School. I am Ms. Lindsay, your child’s First Grade teacher. I am looking forward to a very rewarding and productive year. You and your child may both look forward to an enriching and meaningful experience. It is imperative for us to maintain an open line of communication. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to call and make an appointment. The phone number to the classroom is 231-6707.

    To ensure your child’s learning environment, I have established five typical rules that all students are expected to follow:

    1. Show respect to all people.

    2. Always do your best.

    3. Raise your hand.

    4. Listen and follow directions.

    5. Obey all school rules.

    Please discuss these rules to ensure that your child understands the importance of honoring these rules.

    I’m honored to have this opportunity to work with your child, and looking forward to a successful and productive year.