• Teachers .

    Name: Jacques Churchill, Jaquita Johnson
    Grade: K-8
    Subject: Special Education Resource
    Classroom: 126
    Phone Ext: 205-231-9739

    Hello parents, we are working diligently to keep you up to date concerning IEP's, IEP meetings and assignments for your child. I have spoken to most of you concerning internet access and accessibility to electronic devices, such as laptops and tablets. I have most of your email addresses, and I appreciate you all responding. If you didn't give it to me, please feel free to send your name, email address, and childs name to jbobbs@bhm.k12.al.us.

    Also, you will begin receiving phone calls to schedule IEP meetings beginning April 6th. I will also post information in the assignment box concerning MobyMax, Lexia, and downloadable material. Thanks so much for your cooperation and patience. I pray that everyone continues to be safe and healthy.