• Covid 19 Dashboard


    The Birmingham City Schools (BCS) COVID-19 Dashboard provides our families and community with the most recent dates buildings were affected by COVID-19 as well as the total number of quarantined individuals and positive cases for each school and other district offices. Consistent with the dashboard offered through the Alabama State Department of Health, the data on the BCS COVID-19 Dashboard reflects cases reported weekly by Tuesday of each week. 

    Positive cases are analyzed on an individual basis, and BCS personnel will respond to these situations by following guidance from the Alabama Department of Public Health.

    View Alabama's K-12 COVID-19 School Dashboard for data on cases in each city.

BCS COVID-19 Update

  •  The data in this table is updated weekly and reflects the most current information. 
     School Name # Positive Cases (Students Past 7 Days) # Positive Cases (Staff Past 7 Days) 

    # Students & Employees Excluded from School/Work

    (Past 7 days)

    Date Facility Last Impacted
    District Total 2 2 18 11/19/2021
    Central Staff       9/24/2021
    A. H. Parker High School       11/1/2021
     Avondale Elementary       9/20/2021
     Barrett Elementary  1   11/17/2021
     Bertram A. Hudson K-8      


     Booker T. Washington K-8       10/1/2021
     Bush Hills STEAM Academy       9/14/2021
    Central Park Elementary       10/27/2021
    Charles A. Brown Elementary        9/21/2021
     Dupuy Alternative School        
     EPIC Alternative Elementary       10/27/2021
     Arrington Elementary       10/19/2021
     George W. Carver High School   11/18/2021
     Glen Iris Elementary     11/16/2021
     Green Acres Middle School       11/2/2021
     Hayes K-8 School       10/142021
    Hemphill Elementary        11/4/2021
    Henry J. Oliver Elementary        9/28/2021
     Huffman Academy      


    Huffman High School       11/12/2021
    Huffman Middle       10/27/2021
    Inglenook PreK-8       11/3/2021
    John Herbet Phillips Academy      


    Jones Valley Middle School       9/20/2021
    L. M. Smith Middle       10/12/2021
    Malachi Wilkerson Middle       10/27/2021
    Martha Gaskins Elementary     11/19/2021
    Minor Elementary       9/17/2021
    Norwood Elementary       10/20/2021
    Ossie Ware Mitchell Middle       9/27/2021
     Oxmoor Valley Elementary       9/21/2021
     P.D. Jackson-Olin High School  1     11/15/2021
     Princeton Alternative Elementary       11/9/2021
     Ramsay High School   11/18/2021
     Robinson Elementary       11/1/2021
    South Hampton K-8        9/23/2021
     Sun Valley Elementary     11/18/2021
     Tuggle Elementary       11/4/2021
     W. E. Putnam Middle School       9/29/2021
    Wenonah High School       10/27/2021
    West End Academy       10/14/2021
    William J. Christian K-8       10/27/2021
    Woodlawn High School       10/14/2021
    Wylam Elementary