• Academic  Bowl  
    All students may try out for their  grade level teams by attending all practices and taking a  qualifying test on general knowledge. The grade level coaches select teams  based on the prescribed criteria.
    Debate  Team
    This team incorporated elements of research with logical argument and public-speaking ability. The coach makes selection on the recommendation of the Language Arts teachers. Tournaments are usually held after school hours. The district and the school gives awards.
    Mathematics Teams
    High achieving students are eligible for the Math team in each grade level. Selection is based on points obtained from a series of written test and ciphering matches conducted by the coaches. Each team consist of five member and one or two alternates. Tournaments are usually held during school hours in the spring. The school and district gives awards.
    National Junior Honor Society
    Membership in this organization is based on scholarship, leadership, service,  character and citizenship. Eligibility is based on criteria prescribed in the by-laws, with the selection made by a faculty committee. Students must have been at  Huffman Middle through five grading periods in order to be considered for eligibility. Students who have been suspended from school are not eligible.
    Student Government Association
    Membership in this organization is based on leadership, character, citizenship and service.  Students in this organization have been elected by their homeroom as a representative for the SGA.  Officers are elected by the HMS student body.  Students must maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA to be an active member of this organization.