•  First Grade Syllabus

    Sun Valley Elementary School

       The First Grade classroom provides a safe, unique, and nurturing learning community that offers students educational experiences that are filled with excitement, exploration, and discovery. This helps to produce students that are socially and academically equipped and prepared to become life-long learners.

     Curriculum and Standards
    Reading and Language Arts:
    The reading/language arts program is a balanced literacy program that includes reading foundations, literature, informational text, grammar, writing, speaking, and listening.  Students will participate in shared reading, guided reading, word work, phonics activities and independent reading and writing. First grade students also participate in the Red Mountain Writing Project. The language arts program is aligned with the Alabama State Course of Study and Common Core Standards and includes reading, word analysis, listening, oral and written language, writing skills and research skills.
    The focus in mathematics is to learn and use basic facts, problem solve and understand mathematical concepts. Students work on Units of Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data and Geometry as they align to the Alabama State Course of Study, Standards of Mathematical Practices and Common Core Standards.
    Social Studies:
    The main focus for social studies in first grade is on living and working together in a family, community, and state.  Students learn about the ways that individuals and groups live and work today and compare it to the past. They become aware of the importance of economic choices for families.  Students also begin to learn about the concept of government, including the levels of government and the foundations and principles of democracy.  Many of the Social Studies standards are integrated across many disciplines.
    The goal of science in grade one is to provide the opportunity for students to develop the skills of wondering, questioning, investigating, and communicating as the means of making sense of the world.  Students will use scientific tools to gather data and carry out investigations and will continue to develop their observation skills as they learn about the life, earth, and physical sciences.  Many of the Science standards are also integrated across many disciplines.
    All students will use technology in the classroom including computers and the Promethean Board. First graders will demonstrate an understanding of the parts of the computer, turning the computer off/on, use of appropriate internet and software tools and using word processing programs.
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