• Teachers (5 Questions)

    1. How do I order textbooks?

    Each school has a designated person responsible for ordering needed textbooks. Notify this person concerning needs for your class.

    2. Where do I get the order forms?

    The principal and textbook coordinator for each school have a binder with all the order forms. Forms are also available on the District website.

    3. What do I do if my delivered textbook order is incorrect?

    Have your school's textbook coordinator contact the Textbook Department and the error will be corrected.

    4. What if books are on backorder?

    Backorders are noted at the botton of the charge ticket. These will be sent as soon as they are received by the Textbook Department; there is no need to reorder.

    5. How much do I charge for lost or damaged textbooks?

    The school principal as well as the school textbook coordinator have a "textbook replacement price list".

    Parents (2 Questions)

    1. What if my child does not have a book?

    Talk with your child's teacher to find out why a book has not been issued. If the teachers says there are not enough books, ask if the teacher has notified the school's textbook coordinator concerning this issue. The textbook coordinator will then order additional books for the teacher/school.

    2. What are the replacement costs for lost or damaged books?

    According to Alabama State Law, replacement costs for lost or damaged textbooks is determined by the following: -If a book is new when issued, the cost is 100% of the original cost. -The replacement cost decreases by 10% of the original cost each year the book is in use. -The cost does not decrease below 50% of the original cost of the textbook.