• So you think you might want to be a teacher? There is simply nothing quite like seeing the look
    of understanding that lights up someone’s face when you’ve successfully communicated an idea to
    them that they had not been able to grasp before. One of the noblest, most respected, and rewarding
    jobs you can have is teaching. If teaching is your passion, the Academy of Urban Educators, (AUE)
    is the starting place.

    The Academy of Urban Educators is where you want to be if you dream about becoming a:

    FRESHMEN in the AUE start with a class in Business Technology Applications that helps give you
    the tools you need to succeed in the following three years.

    In your SOPHOMORE year, you’re introduced to the basics with Education and Training.

    In your JUNIOR year, the material becomes more complex as we dig deeper into techniques educators
    use with Education I. During the summer, after you’ve completed this year, you participate in an
    Academy Internship where you begin to apply what you’ve learned in a real-world setting.

    In your SENIOR year, you pick up where Education I left off with Education II. Bottom line, when you
    graduate you’re ready to move on towards achieving your goal of becoming a teacher..