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    Reading Incentive Programs at Wylam K-8
    Accelerated Reader
    The Accelerated Reader Program is a computer based reading recall and comprehension program. Students read a book and then take a computer test of five or ten questions. The results take into consideration the reading level of the book (as determined by Accelerated Reader) and the number of questions correct. Students can earn prizes each week. Students who reach their reading goals are invted to an end of the grading period celebration.  Books in the library have color-coded labels for easy selection of appropriate materials. AR is based on ATOS book levels.
    BOOK IT!®
    This national reading incentive program was established to motiva
    te children in grades K-6 to read more. This unique program is free to classrooms in public, private, and parochial schools and allows teachers to set goals that complement their reading curriculum and student's reading skills. The program provides teachers with tips, tools and free reading award certificates to keep reading motivation high.   Sponsored by Pizza Hut, students who meet their monthly reading goals receive a certificate for a free personal pan pizza. The six month program begins in October.
    Six Flags Six Hour Reading Club
    This program will begin in January and will end in March. Every student who reads at least 6 hours (360 minutes) will receive a one-day pass to Six Flags. The goal of this program is to encourage children to read for fun and to develop a lifelong appreciation for reading.
    Summer Reading Programs
    Summer reading programs will be offered to students in grades PreK-8. Students are given information about these programs as we get closer to the closing of the school year in May. Students will be able to participate in programs sponsored by local libraries, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Pizza Hut, and/or Chuck E Cheese.