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                                W.J. Christian K-8 School


    EIGHTH GRADE                                                                                 Pre AP – Algebra I


    COURSE SYLLABUS                                                                           2018-2019


    Teacher: Tyrone Lewis          Office: 205-231-5250                         Room# 225


    Email Address: tlewis@bhm.k12.al.us                        mr.lewis225@gmail.com


    Textbook: Algebra I Common Core



    Course Overview



    The Algebra conceptual category focuses on the four domains listed below in the column to the left. The Algebra domains listed in bold print on the shaded bars are Seeing Structure in Expressions, Arithmetic With Polynomials and Rational Expressions, Creating Equations, and Reasoning With Equations and Inequalities. Immediately following the domain and enclosed in brackets is an abbreviation denoting the domain. Identified below each domain are the clusters that serve to group related content standards. Content Standard Domains and Clusters


    Seeing Structure in Expressions [A-SSE]

    • Interpret the structure of expressions.

    • Write expressions in equivalent forms to solve problems.

    Arithmetic With Polynomials and Rational Expressions [A-APR]

    • Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials.

    • Understand the relationship between zeros and factors of polynomials.

    • Use polynomial identities to solve problems.

    • Rewrite rational expressions.

    Creating Equations [A-CED]

    • Create equations that describe numbers or relationships.

    Reasoning With Equations and Inequalities [A-REI]

    • Understand solving equations as a process of reasoning and explain the reasoning.

    • Solve equations and inequalities in one variable.

    • Solve systems of equations.

    • Represent and solve equations and inequalities graphically.






    Student Organization


    Organization is one of the keys to having a successful year in Pre-Algebra /Algebra-1. To assist with organization, the following materials are needed each day for class:




    1. Algebra I Common Core and Pearson consumable (3rd and 4th 9 weeks)


    1. Math notebook (graphed composition)


    1. Sharpened pencils with erasers, mechanical pencils with plenty of lead and manual sharpener


    1. Scientific Calculator


    1. Markers, colored pencils, scissors, ruler (TBA when needed)




    Grading Scale


    Grades will be given on the standard scale (A= 90-100, B= 80-89, C= 70-79, D= 60-69F= below 59).


    It is the student’s responsibility to make up all missed assignments.


    Late Policy


    It is the student’s responsibility to make up ALL missed assignments.


    Students are encouraged to turn in all assignments on time. However I do understand life happens. The following scale will apply to all students who turn in late assignments.


    Day 1 - 20% penalty

    Day 2 - 30 % penalty

    Day 3 - 40 % penalty

    Day 4 - 50 % penalty



    Normally students will have homework Monday through Friday.  Students should work independently and be prepared to turn in homework at the beginning of the next class. Work not completed during class should be completed for homework.




    Register in Class Dojo - Is a tool parents and students can use to inform them of upcoming homework assignments, test, and any official class announcements.



    1. Parents please make sure you are checking the webpage daily.
    2. Parents please make sure you are checking STI for grades and comments weekly.
    3. Parents please make sure you have open lines of communication with the teacher at all times.
    4. Parents please make sure you answer emails, phone calls, Class Dojo messages, written notes, etc.  


    I-Parent Information for I-Grade Book

    Parents can review grades through the I-Parent Grade System (STI) on line at the Birmingham City Schools website. Please see the office staff for further information.


    Google Classroom

    Parents we will be using Google Classroom all school year. Students are HIGHLY encouraged to bring an electronic device (tablet, IPAD, laptop, Chromebook) with a charger to class every day. PLEASE NO CELL PHONES!





     Algebra Classroom Procedures & Disciplinary Guidelines:


    The Algebra-1 course requires students to exercise self-control and display positive disciplinary habits. The Algebra-1 classroom will be an environment that facilitates learning for all students. Proper classroom behavior is not only expected, but is enforced daily.




    The Code of Conduct for our Algebra-1 classroom is:


    As a student, I will behave in such a way as to:


    • Enhance my own learning
    • Allow others to learn
    • Allow Mr. Lewis to teach


    Disciplinary guidelines that allow the above conduct include:


    • Raise hand to be acknowledged during class.
    • Place all books for other classes at the front of the class at the start of class (keep only your notebook and other necessary supplies)
    • Do not leave your seat without permission (hold papers and tissue at your desk until the end of class)
    • Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself (respect others and WJC property)
    • Be kind in what you say to others and your teacher
    • Accept and obey any instruction or discipline from your teacher without negative responses.





    Unit names and the LTF Lessons for Algebra I and Pre AP Algebra I






    1. Functions(3 weeks)

    Introduction to Function Notation

    Connecting a Verbal Description to Table and Graph

    Using Tables and Graphs to Determine the Better Deal

    Connecting Table Graph and Function Notation

    Discrete and Continuous Data


    1. Graphing and Analyzing Linear Functions(3 to 3.5weeks)

    Walk the Line (MG)

    Average Rate of Change (MG)

    Calculating Average Rate of Change

    Slope Investigation

    Analysis of Functions

    Translations of Linear Functions

    Write the equation of the Line Review

    Piecewise functions


    1. Systems of Linear Equations (2 weeks)

    Literal equations- Reviewing and Foreshadowing

    Linear Functions (MG)

    Painting the House

    Solving systems of Linear Equations


    1. Systems of Linear Inequalities (1 week)

    Maximizing Profit


    1. Graphing and Analyzing Exponential Functions (1.5 weeks)

    Exponential Function Exploration

    Exponential Growth (Found under Mathematical Foundations)

    How do you start and how do you change? (Non LTF Lesson)


    1. Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences (1.5 to 2 weeks)

    Writing Equations Using Sequences

    Arithmetic Sequences (MG)

    Limits- A Physical Approach (MG)


    6.5 1st Semester Review (1.5 to 2 Weeks)

    Putting the Pieces Together

    Reading the Graph

    Variations on Detecting Linear Motion- CBR is necessary


    Let’s Make a Deal (Non LTF Lesson)




    1. Statistics and Probability (2.5 Weeks)

    Fitting a Line to Data

    Use Dotplots (Line Plots) to Determine Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

    Analyzing Mean, Median, Mode and Range

    Describing Distributions: Standard Deviation

    Movie Probability (MG)

    Does Gender Make a Difference? (MG)


    1. Pythagorean Theorem, Radicals and

    Rational Exponents (2 weeks)

    Pythagorean Theorem Applications

    **Brenna Rescues Andrew


    1. Polynomials (2 Weeks)


    1. Graphing and Analyzing Quadratics(1.5 Weeks)

    Investigation- Graphing Quadratic Functions

    Graphing Quadratics Functions (Example 1)

    Analyzing Quadratic Functions(MG)

    **Quadratic Optimization


    1. Factoring and the Quadratic Formula (5.5 Weeks)

    Another Way to Look at Factoring

    Graphing Quadratic Functions (Example 2 and problems 1,2)


    1. Rational Functions (1.5 Weeks)


    1. 2nd Semester Exam(2 Weeks)

    **Adaptation of Algebra I 2007 EOC Free Response

    **Transformations of Functions Exploration (Alg II)

    **Even/Odd Functions

    **Maximums, Minimums, and Intervals-Oh My!

    **Adaptation of AP Calculus 1997 AB-2



     Please sign and return the signature blank below to Mr. Lewis by Monday, August 8, 2018. (This signature blank is the first math portfolio requirement for the nine week and is counted as notebook grade.)




    Mr. Lewis,




    I have read the attached Algebra-1 syllabus and agree to abide by the instructions and rules therein. I also agree come to class each day prepared and ready to learn.




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