• Tips for having a successful school year.
    *Be on time: 
    School begins promptly at 7:45.  We meet in the Gym for MAT (Morning Assembly Time).  I then bring the students for class.  If your child should miss MAT, students are marked tardy at 8:01.  This means they must be in their seats by then, not still at the lockers.
    * Dismissal is at 3:15.
    Ensure that your child completes ALL homework.  Homework is 10% of the grade and can make a diffference when averaging.  A 79 could average to an 80 and so on with completion of homework. 

    Homework procedures

    Each night your child will bring home a Homework Bingo sheet. Your child should choose one square to complete for homework and turn it in to me the following day. I will check the homework and sign the square that has been completed. The goal is to complete 5 squares across, down, or diagonal by Friday. Homework points will be determined based on the number of squares completed. Once your child has reached a bingo, his/her name will be placed in a jar for a prize drawing each week.  If I see that your child is struggling with a concept, I may assign a additional homework for your child to complete based on the needed skill.

    * Agendas and Folders 
    Check your child's folders and agendas daily.  If your child isn't bringing homework home nightly and papers weekly, be concerned and contact me.
    * Structured Independence:
    Your child stills needs your help from time to time; however, please help your child become more independent at home to help with the transition at school.  There will be so much required of your child to do independently; from logging on a website, doing research, and taking initiative to begin on assignments without being prompted.
    *Read with your child (even if it's for 10 minutes) each night.
    Instead of "What did oyu learn at school today?"  ask specific questions about the characters from their stories, vocabulary words, math concepts etc. This helps reinforce learning when a child can retell or recount the lesosns they are learning.
    *Be involved
    Visit the classroom for a lesson.  It's been a while since we've all been in school. It is helpful to see the strategies being taught today. Check with me to schedule a time.
    Ask to help out with tutoring, reading to the class, crafts, parties, PTA, etc. 
    (For more info on PTA click here http://avondalepta.org
    Communicate with your child's teacher regularly. Don't wait until a note comes home or a phone call is made regarding behavior or grades.
    Allow educational tablet and/or computer time at home (if possible).  We are involved in so many online activities in the classroom that students can work on at home.  Your child has a username and password for these sites.  
    Please see my Link Library tab to link directly to those site.

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