• This week in class...  August 31, 2015
     Reading/Language Arts
    •  Read A Walk in the Desert
    • Comprehension Skills and Strategies (main idea/text structure)
    • Vocabulary Words   (cactus, climate, coyote, desert, harsh)
    • Amazing Words  (arid, landform, precipitation, dunes, ledge, haven, discovery, forbidding)
    • High Frequency Words (animals, early, eyes, full, warm, water)
    • Spelling Words (dropped, dropping, excited, exciting, lifted, lifting, hugged, hugging, smiled, smiling, talked, talking, warm, early)
    • Grammar Concept-  Statements and Questions

     This week in class...  September 8, 2015
    Reading/Language Arts 
    •  Read The Strongest One
    • Comprehension Skills and Strategies (Realism/Fantasy)
    • Vocabulary Words (dangerous, gnaws, narrator, relatives)
    • Amazing Words (delicate, inquire, sturdy, exhibit, resist, stun, genius, satisfaction)
    • High Frequency words (gone, learn,often, pieces, together, very)
    • Spelling (bunch, that, wish, patch, when, what, math, them, shape, whale, itch, chase)
    • Grammar Concept (Commands and Exclamations)