• 6th Grade

    Resource Classroom



    Materials Needed: textbooks, paper, iPad, pencils, and class assignments


    Instructor:   Ms. Angela Gowdy


    Phone: (205) 231-6370


    Classroom:  #71


    “All About the Students”


    I am servicing six grade students. These students attend class in the general education setting for the majority of the school day. I work closely with all general education teachers and staff to ensure that students achieve their IEP goals and accommodations. Modifications are consistently provided for each student who receives special education services.



    Course Description: The purpose of resource services is to provide specially designed instruction in the areas of behavior, mathematics, written language, and reading to students who meet the criteria for special education services according to the Alabama Department of Education.


    Objectives:  Due to the diverse student abilities and needs in my classroom, I will utilize strategies that incorporate students’ learning styles such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.  A variety of instructional strategies will be utilized:


    • Whole class instruction

    • Small group instruction

    • Individualized instruction

    • Peer Tutoring

    *When appropriate I encourage peer tutoring.  Specific learning goals for each student can be found in his/her IEP (Individualized Education Plan) on file in my classroom. Goals, accommodations, and modifications are shared with the general education teachers to ensure student progress.


    Homework assistance, and test preparation are also provided. Students should let me know in advance if assistance with special projects is needed.



    Communication with Parents:


    Parents will be contacted throughout the school year.  You are encouraged to call me, or send a note if you have any concerns.  Parents may schedule conferences by calling the main office at 231-6370.

    Progress reports will be sent out at the midpoint of each nine week grading period as well as the end of each nine week grading period.



    Attendance Policy:


    Consistent attendance is vital to academic success. Students are to provide a written excuse for each absence.


    Class Expectations:


    At Bush Hills STEAM Academy, Attitude is everything. STUDENT SUCCESS IS MY #1 PRIORITY!!


    I believe that all students can learn and grow while in school.


    The following expectations will allow students to


    Reach their full potential one day at a time.


    Class Procedures and Expectations: