• Services for Parents & Students

    Family Involvement
    The Family Involvement Program's goal is to bridge the gap between school and home while extending the learning process for all children   <more>


    The Department of Attendance exists to monitor and maintain attendance of students who reside within the boundaries of the Birmingham City School System.  <more>


    Guidance and Counseling
    A balanced comprehensive school counseling program provides services to promote student success.  It involves school counselors working in conjunction with parents, teachers and other school personnel and community agencies.    <more>


    Prevention, Recovery, and Alternative Programs

    Dropout Recovery Program, Promotion Coaches, (John Hopkins Research Program), Act Programs, Dropout Prevention, Course Recovery Program, Alternative Education Programs <more>

    BCS Child Health  

    Child Health

    Your child’s health and safety are important to us. Acute and chronic health conditions may significantly impact your child’s ability to learn. Our goal is that all children will enjoy optimal health and thus be able to gain the most from their education. <more>


    English as a Second Language Program

    The ESL program offers a combination of self-contained services, push-in services and pull-out services for all limited-English Learners. In addition, support services are provided to all classroom teachers by means of professional development within and outside the school. Students are placed in the ESL program as a result of their performance on an English language proficiency test that evaluates their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  <more>

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