• Mrs. Bester  I am Katherine Lyons Bester your Guidance Counselor. I am here to help you! As an Elementary School Counselor It                                                                                     is my job to assist you in the areas of academic achievement, career and social/emotional development. 

     A School Counselor is your advocate in your school. Our school has a Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling                                                                                               Program aligned with American School Counseling Association standards. 

     Individual, Small group and Large group counseling sessions are provided by referral.

     I CAN.................................

     Help you cope with life's problems,

     Help you deal with life changes

     Remind you how special you are

     Listen to your problems and concerns

     Help you make and keep friends,

     Teach you Career options


     You may reach me at 205-231-9211 or 205-433-9202