• Ms. Snead’s 9th Grade Biology


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    Conference/Tutoring Times:

    Before School: With Communication

    Planning Period: 8:40am- 9:20 am

    After –School: With Communication


    Parents/Guardians and Students:

    I am excited about being the instructor for 9th grade Biology this year. I anticipate having a productive year filled with academic growth and achievement. In this classroom, each student is important and expected to become motivated learners in order to master the Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards. Every day, students will participate in learning activities and assessments that are geared towards accomplishing the learning requirements of this grade level; therefore, attendance is very important. If at any time tutoring or extra help is needed, feel free to contact me to set up meeting times. I will be more than happy to aid in ensuring academic success.

    Parents/Guardians, please take a moment to review the items listed below with your child. Please, sign and return the notification of receipt. If at any time you would like to schedule a parent conference, contact me via email or call the main office at 205-231-3900.

    In this course you will be able to:

    • Apply the knowledge and skills acquired to understand, examine, and analyze the biological concepts introduced in this course to reach 82% mastery and meet the ACT science benchmark of 23.
    • Use the methods of scientific exploration to examine and discuss social, cultural, and political constructs.
    • Build a student-sustained, learning community/family





    Topics/ Units Covered

    Unit 0   - The Science of Biology (Laboratory Safety and Equipment)

    Unit 0: The Characteristics of Life. Central Themes of Biology ( Scientific Measurement).

    Unit 1: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes.

    Unit 1: Structures and Processes

    Unit 2: Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

    Unit 3: Ecosystem: Interaction, Energy, and Dynamics

    Unit 4: Unit and Diversity

    Class Rules

    • Be on time.


    • Be Respectful! Respect yourself, others and the school's property.
    • Be Responsible, Organized, and Prepared for class.
    • Turn in all assignments when they are due. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.
    • Avoid use of cellular phones and electronic devices; technology may only be used for educational purposes with permission.
    • Consumption of food, candy and drinks is prohibited.
    • Remain on task at all times. Sleeping is not allowed.
    • Have Productive Fun! Enjoy your learning experience.

    Plagiarism / Academic Dishonesty

    Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty is a serious offense by Carver High School and Birmingham City Board of Education. The academic work of a student is expected to be his/her own effort. To present other students’ after having changed a few details is plagiarism, also known as cheating. Any act of academic dishonesty will be reported to administration with an automatic zero.


    Test, Exams, and Projects

    There will be a test at the end of each Standard. Tests will be announced in advance. The Final exam will be cumulative covering material throughout the semester. Projects will be given also at the end of each Unit. NOTE: Corrections can be on any daily assignment, quiz, or test for partial credit. Assignments and quizzes must be turned in within 3 days of receiving original grade. Test corrections must be done within one week of the original test day.



     If a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed during class. There will be a make-up folder located in the back of the classroom that will obtain assignments for that day. It is the student’s responsibility to collect notes and any classwork for notebook checks. Homework that was due the day of the absence should be turned in immediately upon return to class, along with any homework assignment that is due that day.

    • Upon return form an EXCUSED absence; three days will be allowed for make-up work.
    • If a student is absent three consecutive days or more the student has 1 week to turn in ALL make up assignments along with the current weeks homework. Extended absences beyond these limits will require special arrangement provided by the teacher to the individual student. It is the student’s responsibility to clarify arrangements shortly after his/her return. The make-up schedule must be adhered to. If previously announced, students are expected to make up exams, labs, projects, term paper, or daily homework the first day the student returns to class.
    • A test or quiz must be made up before or after school with communication.


    Class Procedures

    • Come into the classroom, get seated and start on the warm-up ( Do Now) activity.
    • Record Objective, Daily Vocabulary, Activities, and Post-Reflection is your interactive notebook each day.
    • Keep notes and assignments in interactive notebooks and arranged by date.
    • If you are absent, copy objective, agenda and notes from a classmate before or after class or you may access missed assignments on the class website within 24 hours of the missed school day. (Be prepared for scheduled interactive notebook checks).
    • Turn in assignments that are due at the end of the class period in the assigned area.
    • Turn in Homework for the week at the beginning of class EVERY Friday morning.
    • Obtain a hall pass only in case of emergency and sign the "Hall Pass" log. (Only 3 hall passes allowed per semester. Each unused pass is worth 5 bonus points at the end of the semester)



     Required Materials

    In order to be successful in this course you MUST have the following materials:


    *Composition Notebook

    Pencil Pouch (to contain the following)


    1 ½ binder

    Divider tabs

    *Loose leaf paper

    *These items needed immediately



    Glue sticks, tape, and/or mini stapler

    Colored Pencils

    Tri-fold board


    You are required to keep all notes, activities, and assignments in your interactive notebook and binder. You are required to complete all labs and lab reports assigned and all projects assigned. This course is designed to be student centered with you working on multiple activities within a class period. It will be easy to get behind so make sure you complete all assignments on time. You are required to work in and transition with a group that will be assigned to you. Homework is NOT optional!

    Disciplinary Plan

    In the event of classroom rules being broken, the following plan of action will take place:

    1.  1st step: verbal warning
    2. 2nd step: change student seat
    3.    3rd step: 1 to 1 check in
    4. 4th step: action plan (behavioral reflection sheet)
    5. 5th step; parent call home
    6. 6th step: office referral

     (More serious offenses that violate the code of conduct booklet will result in an immediate office referral).


    You will be given a Mastery Data Tracker at the Beginning of each Unit. You will be required to keep track of your mastery on each objective. This document will be kept in your binder under the Mastery Tab. You  will have three tries on mastering the objective before you receive an Intervention Plan.





    Acquiring Grades (and percentages)

    40% -Assessments (biweekly) – quizzes, tests, and daily Exit Tickets.

    10% -Homework (Tuesday- Thursday) – reading assignments, worksheets, activities, writing assignments

    50% -Participation/Classwork (daily) - if tardy students miss activities, they will lose daily participation points

    20% -Final Exams (2 semester exams) – 20% [test 1: December; test 2: May( subject to change).


    student name: _____________________________________________Class ____________

    Notification of Receipt


    Parent Agreement:



    I, _____________________________ (parent/guardian) have reviewed the details of English 9 with my child and we intend to make efforts to uphold the expectations. Please feel free to contact me at _________________________________________ (home phone) or _________________________________________ (alternative contact) concerning any classroom matters. (Email :________________________________________________)


    Parent Signature: ____________________________________________________


    Student Agreement:


    I, ________________________________, have reviewed the handbook details with my parent, and I will abide by the class rules and procedures.


    Student Signature: ___________________________________________________



    Student Technology Survey:

    1.What do you use to access the internet at home? (Circle all that apply):

    Desktop Computer/Laptop Tablet Smart-Phone/iPhone none


    2.Have you ever participated in an online forum/discussion board for educational purposes?

    Yes No


    1. What social networks to you actively use? (Circle all that apply):

    Facebook Twitter Snapchat Instagram Other:



    1. How comfortable do you feel using technology to submit assignments?

    Very Comfortable Comfortable Unsure Uncomfortable Very Uncomfortable