Birmingham City Schools Family Involvement Program believes parent engagement is an ongoing process and that it should increase active participation, communication and collaboration between parents and schools. It believes that parents, schools, families and communities working together will create meaningful partnerships that lead to gains in student achievement.
    The goal of the Family Involvement Program is to bridge the gap between parent, school and community and improve relationships between home and school, which empowers families to become proactive in their children’s education on a continuous basis. The program does this by providing information, training and assistance through family/parent education courses, activities and referral services.
    Workshops and seminars for parents, adult family members and significant others are conducted in schools and at the district levels. Monthly trainings are held for Title I Parent Leaders to build capacity in leadership skills for parents. At least five district-wide parent/family workshops are held annually.
    The Distribution Center provides books, pamphlets and activity skill kits which are available to parent guardians and community stakeholders free of charge. Materials are available for parents to do “make and take” activities to use with their children at home.
    The Family Involvement Program offers training for school volunteers and local school parent coordinators. A training workshop is held during the first six weeks of each school year. Other training workshops are done at the request of the local principal. Volunteers
    are recognized on an annual basis for their services to the district.
  • For more information, contact
    LaKesha Douglas at 205.231.9821 / ldouglas@bhm.k12.al.us

    Family Involement