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Degrees and Certifications:

Academy of Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Program incorporates project- and problem-based healthcare practices and procedures to demonstrate knowledge and skills fundamental to a variety of healthcare careers. Knowledge and skills are reinforced and enhanced through participation in HOSA – Future Health Professionals and work-based learning opportunities that are age and grade appropriate.


10th Grade

Foundations of Health Science- An introductory course that explores the basics of healthcare and a wide range of health careers. 


11th Grade:

Therapuetic Services- In this course, you are introduced to careers in therapeutic services including, but not limited to, nursing, medicine, physical therapist, surgical technologist, respiratory therapist, emergency medical technician, and others.


12th Grade:

Health Science Internship - Apply what you have learned in a Health Services Internship, where you get to enjoy working alongside health services professionals in a real-world setting and independent study projects.