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    Posted by SHERITA MINOR on 2/11/2015
      E Learning Day!

    Dear Parents,


    Friday, Feb. 13, a “no school” day, has been designated an “E-Learning Day” by our school system.  The “E” stands for “Engage” and we have chosen to “engage” with the internet!


    On each teacher website, you will find a link to “E-Learning Assignments.”  There are 3 assignments below for your child to complete.


    Writing assignment: Students need to click on the link, watch a video on Revolutionary-Optimists; Read and answer prompt for grades 3-5 in their Journal Notebook.


    Math assignment is to complete multiplication activities.  Completing these activities will reinforce multiplication facts.


    Social studies assignment is to complete a 10-question Black History Month web-quest.  The questions should be answered on a sheet of binder paper, with a proper heading, and numbers 1 – 10.  If your child finds a link on the web-quest that is not “hot,” he/she may get your help to research the answer or leave the question blank for us to research in class.  Your child will not be penalized if a link is “cold.”


    If you do not have internet access, your child may complete the E-Learning Activities in school the week of Feb. 17.


    Please sign below in the appropriate place and return to school on Tuesday, Feb. 17.


    My child, ________________________________________, completed the following:    


    Parent’s Signature

    Writing Prompt


    Llama Farm Multiplication Facts


    Black History Month Web-quest



    My child does not have internet access at the moment and will be completing the activities in school, the week of Feb. 17.



    I hope that your child enjoys this new adventure in learning!


    Third Grade Teachers
    E-Learning Assignments:


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