• Departmental Goals:

    1. To improve on the detailed completions of documentation of what we do and what we purchase.

    2. To get out PO#s issued to our vendors in a proper time.

    3. To improve on cleanliness of vehicle’s

    4. To improve the surroundings, safety and comfort for our students and staff.

    5. To improve on the moral of the workers in our department to create a better team atmosphere

    6. To achieve a 5% improvement on our completion times on work orders


    1. Maintain, repair and replace all electrical systems including interior, exterior and   emergency lighting at all facilities throughout the system.

    2. Repair and maintain all fire alarm systems including annual inspections for the Fire   Marshall at all facilities.

    3. Repair and maintain all fire sprinkler systems including annual inspections for the Fire   Marshall.

    4. Responsible for all back flow reports to the Water Works Board.

    5. Maintains, repairs and replaces all master clocks and secondary clocks at all locations.
  • Harvey Burnett, Foreman
    Phone 205-231-9037
    Email: hburnett@bhm.k12.al.us