• Duties and Responsibilities 


    1. Service and proper maintenance on steam boilers throughout the system

    2. Service, repair and install all HVAC equipment throughout all schools, administrative buildings, including but not limited to air handlers, condensing units, hot water and steam boilers, VRF Systems and package units. Changes filters on a/c units system wide.

    3. Service, install and repair related equipment in our lunchrooms, such as steamers, ovens, refrigerant equipment, ice makers, etc.

    4. Perform all welding for the schools system.

    5. Maintain chillers, air handlers, re-heat boiler and all other equipment associated within large plant type settings, i.e. (Carver, Wenonah High, Jackson Olin, etc.)

    6. Ensures that all after hour emergencies are handled in a timely manner.

    7. Service, maintain and repair all equipment associated with the plumbing systems in all of our facilities, i.e. (restrooms, kitchens, boiler rooms, teachers’ lounges, athletic facilities, etc.)

    8. Provide services to refrigeration equipment in lunchrooms.

    9. Provide preventive maintenance service to all facilities.
  • William Hill, Foreman
    email: whill@bhm.k12.al.us

  •  Goals

    1. To provide the best service to all the bcs students and facility members through out the district

    2. All hvac techs and helpers get all the training they can to provide 100% service to all the people in bsc district

    3. Ensure safety inspections are performed on 95% of the fleet and equipment each year.

    4. To clean and service all hvac equipment so it is running at 100%.

    5. To solve any proplems thoughout the bcs district as quickley as possible