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    Welcome to the Federal Programs Department

    Every Birmingham City School (BCS) is a Title I School.  All 42 of our schools operate a School-wide Title I Program.  In addition, we service several private/non-public schools located in the greater Birmingham metropolitan area.  We receive federal funds to provide equitable services for all BCS zoned students.  These funds are used for teachers, tutors, after school programs, books, supplies, parent engagement and materials.

    Federal Programs Vision
    The vision of the office of Federal Programs is to operate as a united, positive, and supportive unit that is knowledgeable of content and devoted to the purpose of serving Birmingham City Schools staff, students, and community.
    Cherrye Parker, Director
    * District or Local Educational Agency (LEA) receives Federal Funds to support student learning, teacher and principal professional development, and parent & family engagement to help students achieve academic success.