• Hello!

    Welcome to 3rd Grade! My name is Jamie Grace and I am so excited to be teaching at Phillips Academy! This is my third year at JHPA, and my 6th year teaching. This year is going to be an amazing year! I cannot wait to meet all my new third grade students. 

    My goal is to challenge, inspire, encourage and celebrate with your child this year. I believe that all children deserve the opportunity to learn in a world class environment! We will work hard this year. I promise your child is learning even if they came home and said, "We had so much fun today". My goal is to make learning fun and as engaging as possible for your kiddos. The more fun they have the more they will retain what they have learned. 

    As I tell every parent I meet, my door is always open. If you struggle with teaching your child how to do something, come see how it is taught in the classroom! Let your child show you just how much they know about the content! 

    We will use Remind this year so please sign up for that. When you are signed up send me a message and earn your child 10 points to start the year with!

    Let's have an AMAZING YEAR!