Syllabus 2016-2017



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Syllabus 2016-2017


6th Grade Earth Science


Ms. Kymberly Bennett-Edwards

Room: 71 (Synergize Avenue)


Phone: (205)231-6370


I.            Course Description

Science consists of ways about thinking and investigating as well as a growing body of knowledge about the natural world. The relationship between science, our environment and our everyday world is crucial to each student’s success. In order to better understand this relationship, the overall goal of the earth science curriculum is to provide students with the knowledge and skills for proficiency in science at the sixth grade level. This course is designed to give students an overview of common strands in earth science including, but not limited to, meteorology, geology, astronomy, oceanography, resources and human impact on earth.


II.            Course Content

Earth Science is defined as “any science related to the origin, composition, structure, and physical phenomena of the Earth.”  This course is guided by the Earth Science topics set forth by the GPS which include, but are not limited to: geology, hydrology, meteorology, natural resources, and astronomy. In addition to the content, students will be expected to think, read and write critically about the course content. It is not enough for students to “get the right answer” as they need to be able to explain their reasoning and apply their reasoning in different contexts. All projects, exams, and classwork assignments will require critical thinking, in-depth reading and writing. 


III.            Course Textbook

The student textbook for this course will be provided by the teacher. The information about the book is below. This book is not intended to be a guide for the course as it is primarily used as a reference and for practice activities.

Title: Earth Science, McDougal Littell

Please note that any student that misplaces this textbook will be charged full price for the book.


IV.            Course Website

Students and parents, each teacher has a website posted that can be accessed through the Birmingham City School webpage. Each website will contain updates and course announcements for each class as well as information about different assignments and projects. Students, you will need to get used to accessing each website for each teacher.


V.         Grading Scale:


 A             90-100

 B             80-89

 C             70-79

 D            60-69

 F              59 and below


 (Students will be Graded and Evaluated on the following):


Laboratory Reports :

Lab activities are a crucial part of any science course. This course is no different. Not only will you be expected to FULLY participate in lab activities, you will also be expected to write thorough lab reports that describe the lab and also complete any accompanying handouts that go along with the lab. Conduct during lab is also included in this evaluation.  Points can be deducted for being off task.


Classwork Assignments :

This evaluation category will include any quizzes in class, notebook checks (random or scheduled), journal entries and daily focus assignments. Additionally, this will also include any classwork assignments given during the instructional period.


Projects :

In this course you will be expected to complete various out-of-class projects. Dates and details of these assignments will be given later in the semester. I will always allow you to sufficient time to put thought and effort in these projects. Rubrics will also be given so that you will know EXACTLY how you will be graded. No surprises! You will also be expected to give oral presentations. I will give the details and topics later in the semester.


Homework Assignments: 

Students cannot expect to accomplish what you should from this course without spending time with science outside of class. As well as completing homework assignments, you need to stay organized, spend time reviewing notes and class work assignments, carefully reflect on activities or labs completed in class, etc. It may be imperative to use the weekends for studying, working on projects, reviewing, organizing, or simply getting caught up with any work. This will be an intensive course.


 VI.            Make-up Work and Late Work Policy

Parents and Students, due dates on all assignments are firm. Generally, students will have almost a week to complete homework assignments and up to three weeks to complete projects. So therefore, late work will not be accepted. As it pertains to make-up work, when students are absent they have as many days absent to complete and submit the work. It is up to the student to ask for any missing assignments.


VII.            Extra Credit:

Students always ask about extra credit.  My philosophy is that if students are doing required homework and assignments and turning them in on time, extra credit will not be needed. However, I will give bonus points sporadically throughout the school year and most students can earn bonus points by being active in our Science Scholar Edmodo group. 


VIII.            School/District Science Fair Competition:

It will be mandatory that each Sixth grade student participate in the District’s Science Fair.  Winners from the school fair will move on to compete with students from other Birmingham schools in the District fair. Details and information about the Science Fair will be given when received from the District’s Science Department.


IX.              Classroom Rules & Classroom Supplies:

•        Be Prepared        

•        Be Prompt

•        Be Positive

•        Be Productive

•        Be Polite


Students will need *textbook   *lab manual *composition tablet *notebook or loose leaf paper   *pen (black & blue only) / pencils  &  *flash drive. 


(See Sixth Grade 2015-2016 supply list for all other supplies)


X.      Parent/Teacher Conferences:

All conferences will be scheduled during my planning period.  There may be some exceptions when conferences can be scheduled before or after school.


(My planning period is 10:05am until 11:05am.)



Kymberly Bennett-Edwards, Teacher