•    I use a combination of Orff and Kodaly methodologies in the music room. The Orff method is based on the idea that children learn best through play. We combine songs, rhythms, dances and instruments into structured games to learn new musical concepts. The Kodaly method is mainly used to learn to sing. We primarily use this to learn songs. My goal is to have Sun Valley students sight reading at the highest level attainable before they move on to band and choir in middle school. 
       Grades in music are based on participation. Every student enters the room with a 100 for the day. In order to keep this 100, he or she must listen well, follow directions, and try. I frequently tell the students I would much rather them try and make a mistake than be lazy and never mess up. This way, we can fix it and learn from it. Students receive strikes for misbehaving in music class. Five points are taken from their daily grade for each strike. This is because misbehaviors (ex. talking while the teacher is) distract from that student's ability to follow directions and participate, as well as the rest of the class.