• Principal, Dr. Melvin Love

    Our goal at Oxmoor Valley Elementary is to produce proficient readers and writers who have the ability to think critically and examine information from multiple perspectives. We strive to develop effective communicators who are literate and fluent not only in reading, writing, and speaking, but in the use of technology, as well. 

     In this era of 21st century teaching and learning, classroom instruction should be designed to allow students to master content through an inter-disciplinary approach with real-world learning opportunities. Therefore, our teachers plan collaboratively to create the type of learning environments that allow learners to make connections from one discipline to another as well as relate information to their own lives.  We’ve discovered, students are more motivated to learn when they have a meaningful purpose for doing so.

     Motivation is essential - without it, teachers have no point of entry. Reading, writing, and arithmetic – just like anything else, require an investment by the learner. For this reason, we believe in instructional practices that allow students to be actively engaged in meaningful learning tasks and discourse.

     Oxmoor Valley Elementary school is committed to developing life-long learners.   We recognize the importance of having all stakeholders partner with us to meet the diverse needs of today’s learner. Therefore, we invite you as our educational partner to join us in our work to move from good to GREAT!

    Dr. Melvin Love



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    Dr. Melvin Love

Last Modified on October 7, 2021