• robbins

    Name: Cynthia Robbins
    Grade: First Grade
    Subject: All
    Classroom: 104
    Phone Ext: 3440
    Email: crobbins@bhm.k12.al.us
     My name is Cynthia Robbins. I have been an educator with the Birmingham School System for over 30 years. I received my BS Degree in Elementary Education from Miles College. I am a Highly Qualified Teacher. As an educator, it is my job to see that my students become lifelong learners.
    I have enjoyed being a part of my student's lives  training their minds to become doctors, lawyers,  engineers ,educators and more.  I teach my students that they can make the impossible possible and that nothing is given everything is earned.
    It gives me great pleasure to know that many of the students I have taught are now adults and have obtained those jobs. I teach my children the four (4) L's Look forward and trust, Look backward and think, Look around and serve and Look within and find.
    As a poet once said, " I judge myself not by what I have but what I am willing to give."