Rising 6th Graders

    MIDDLE SCHOOL (6-8) 

    For rising 6th grade students who will attend the following schools:

    Bush Hills Academy
    Green Acres
    Jones Valley
    O.W. Mitchell

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    Attention: Parents who request a "Transfer" (including current transfer students who must apply for a transfer yearly) must register at their current/zoned school. If accepted to the "Transfer" school, they must re-register between July 25th and August 1st. Rationale: We must ensure that we do not create overcrowded classrooms or schools. Zoned students must have first priority.
    Parents who miss the original deadline(s) must wait to register during the late registration periods.
    Late Registration: August 1 – August 5
                                       August 8 – Afterwards 
    Please do not hesitate to call your local school if more information is needed.  We thank you for your continued support.