Not Just a job but a calling.....


    I was led to this profession of Special Education due to my own mishaps of growing up with a physical disability that impeded me from walking. I was born with dislocated hips that caused me to wear leg braces for several years. The inhumane treatment received from teachers, principals, onlookers, etc. was an indicator that I must put my compassion for children with physical disabilities, speech impediments, as well mental challenges into effect, therefore the Gift of Advocacy was born. During college, my desire became more profound to concentrate in the area of Speech and Language/Communicative Disorders as a means to assist my friend whose son was diagnosed with a speech impediment as well a severe expressive and receptive language disorder. Due to my experience with a physical disability and providing first hand speech therapy to my friend’s son, I not only understand what it feels like to have experienced the embarrassment, frustration, and shame that can accompany a disability, but because of my experience, I am a more effective clinician.

    As a speech-language pathologist, I service children with a variety of communication disorders, including those with articulation and phonology disorders (speech sound problems), delayed or disordered language development, problems with voice (tone, quality, loudness, and resonance), and of course stuttering. Communication disorders may exist alone or they may be a part of congenital conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, fetal alcohol syndrome, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, and cleft lip and palate, among others. I have special interest and experience in working with children with autism spectrum disorder, with childhood apraxia of speech, with children who have word retrieval issues, and a great interest in children with Down syndrome