• ·         Did you know that your child attends a Title I School? This school qualifies for this status because additional school funding is given based upon criteria met by the federal government.


    ·         Did you know that our school has a plan in place to address academic and social needs of our students? This plan is called a Continuous Improvement Plan and it addresses how to help our students academically and socially by using research-based strategies to promote academic achievement. If you would like a copy, simply call the school’s office (205-231-5740) and request one and it will be provided.


    ·         Did you know that parents are given a parent plan to assist the school in improving parental involvement? This plan is also incorporated into the CIP plan and uses parental surveys and other parental communications to maintain a collaborative relationship which in turn assists our students to thrive both academically and socially.

    IF you have any questions about the documents mentioned (CIP and Parent Plan), please do not hesitate to call 205-231-5740 and leave a message for Ms. Moore! Thank you for entrusting your child’s future to Sun Valley Elementary School!