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    Who is eligible to use the EAP?

    EAP is a service for ALL Birmingham City Schools employees 


    What is an Employee Assistance Program?

    EAP promotes healthy functioning in order to maximize the quality of life and to maximize job performance in three ways:

    }Wellness Education




    When should I use EAP?

    EAP is available for the following:

    }When I see a problem coming (Prevention).

    }When I think I have a problem (Intervention).

    }When personal problems interfere with my quality of life and/or my job performance.

    }When an employee that I supervise has personal problems that interfere with their job performance.


    How does EAP work for me?

     EAP works in the following ways:

    }I may call and make an appointment.

    }My supervisor may recommend that I see an EAP counselor.


    Can I be certain of confidentiality?

    }EAP counselors adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality.

    }The EAP counselor will not provide the personnel office with any information, except by your request.


    Shelia Williams, EAP Counselor…………………………….231-9822