Our mission is to guide all students to achieve excellence in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment.



    Our vision is to be a recognized leader in public education, meeting the needs of a diverse student population prepared to succeed in a global society.



    • Individual differences and diversity enrich our school.
    • Children are unique; therefore, instruction should be appropriately individualized to make the most of each learner's potential.
    • Children, who participate in cooperative goal setting and who take ownership of their educational plans, are motivated to achieve.
    • Teamwork among teachers, parents, and community is essential to an effective educational process.
    • A clean, safe, positive, and challenging atmosphere encourages academic achievement.
    • Applied education is the key to development of lifelong learning, problem solving, and productivity.
    • Educational programs that promotes awareness, acceptance, and respect of individual differences prepare students to become productive citizens.
    • Student access to many and varied educational opportunities promotes intellectual, physical, cultural, social, and emotional growth.
    • The flexibility to employ a variety of teaching styles help competent, caring educators maximize and maintain success among learners.