1st  Semester Skills/Subjects: 
    Reading/Language Arts: Reading Fluently, Reading Comprehension, Main Idea & Key Details, ABC Order,  Compare & Contrast, Sequence of Events,  and Infer & Predict. Read, Blend and Decode Short Vowel Sounds, Blend & Segment Phonemes , Identify Adjective, Action & Telling Parts of a Sentence,  Oral Vocabulary, Diagraphs ch, ph, sh, and wh, Commands, Subject and Verbs, Cause & Effect, Contractions with 's and n't and endings with -s, -ing and -ed.
    Mathematics:  Developing understanding of addition, subtraction, and strategies for addition and subtraction with in 20. Using ten frames to add and subtract.
    Science: Living/Nonliving, Safety, Insects, Rocks, Animal Habitats, Animals in the Ocean, Rain Forest, and The Four Seasons.
    Social Studies: All About Me, Places in our Community/Neighborhoods, Community Helpers, My Family, Long Ago, and Nature.