Our Partners in Education

    (Helpful tips for Bridging the Academic Achievement Gap)


    Reaching Goals


    Motto: “Teamwork Equals an Awesome Mindset.”





    This is a handbook of tips that address ways parents can build a deeper relationship between school and home. Being involved means working with the school to ensure your child is receiving the best education possible. It is exciting to have you partner with us as we strive for continued academic success.


    Makes a Difference  



    “It is not what you do for your children, but what

    you have taught them to do for themselves that will make

    them successful human beings.”

    -Ann Landers



    Road Map to Success

    It is essential that you know my mission and vision as the ARI Reading Specialist of Wylam K-8. These two components are important because they tell you why I am here and how I plan to work collaboratively with you and the teachers to reach the goal of academic excellence.


    Mission Statement

    To provide effective instructional

    support that empowers students and

    teachers to reach their full potential by

    providing many opportunities to

    learn and grow while gaining a quality education.                                      


    Start Your Journey  

    Vision Statement

                                                 To foster a nurturing, safe learning

                                                                       environment where all learners are

                                                                       actively involved in promoting a

                                                                       challenging curriculum for educational





    Being Involved Means.

    vAsking questions


    vGetting to know your child’s teacher


    vGetting an understanding of school policies


    vTaking an active part in school activities


    vJoining the PTA


    vShowing your child that you value education


    vMonitoring social media interactions


    vTaking advantage of after school opportunities


        Because you make a difference


    Academic Success: Putting All the Pieces Together   

    Educational success is a process that starts at home. While at home, consider the following tips to make your home a good place to learn and study. Home and school working on one accord helps to put all the pieces together.

    1.   Set aside a specific study time.

    2. Establish a special study space.

    3. Make study time fun.

    4. Read and study together nightly.

    5. Set attainable academic goals.

    6. Check the agenda book and sign nightly.

    7.   Check the school’s website often for updated information.

    8. Take advantage of teachable moments.

    9. Encourage independent problem solving.

    10. Promote daily attendance.

    Putting the pieces together



    Technology and Education

    Technology is vital when striving for academic excellence. Incorporate these resources into your child’s educational academic success plan.
















    *Please visit www.livebinder.com (search for: Helpful Literacy Resources for Parents) for additional references and resources.



                                                         Created by: Derya Twyman, ARI Reading Specialist