• Overview

    Language Arts is a rigorous academic course that is designed to introduce students to core concepts that are further developed and expanded as they progress through each grade level. The curriculum integrates the processes of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Throughout the year, we will use a variety of texts and “real-life” applications of reading and writing that support the IB learner. These connections will personalize students learning  and promote habits of the mind that support the ideals and goals of a globally focused International Baccalaureate student. By the end of this course,students will understand how to: (1) Analyze a variety of informational and literary text; (2) Research, compose & refine writing for a variety of purposes; (3) Effectively communicate, articulate and interact in group situations; and (4) Effectively communicate information in written, verbal and technology integrated situations. In order to achieve the highest level of learning, students will need to be engaged in all the aspects of the Language Arts class, expecting that each day will be a day of learning. This means they should always come prepared with a positive attitude, classroom supplies, respectful behavior, and an open mind.



    Language Arts activities will include: learning multiple reading strategies; learning how to speak in different situations through knowledge of the language registers; reading short stories, poems, and novels; practicing reading comprehension and critical thinking skills; studying nonfiction informational texts; writing Response to Literature and Persuasive essays, as well as Narratives, Summaries, and shorter academic pieces; reflections, quick writes, and learning logs; studying grammar, sentence structure, mechanics, vocabulary, and word usage; and engaging in small group and whole class discussions about reading and writing. As you can see- we have a lot to cover, and only 180 days to cover it. Even less if you take into consideration half days, testing days, and other instructional interruptions.



    Homework will consist of both Reading and Language Arts assignments. Additionally, students will work on their essays, projects, etc. at home. Be sure to pay attention to due dates which are discussed in class, written on the board, and are also on Edmodo. At times, this class will require a substantial amount of reading. Students are encouraged to stay on top of assigned readings, so they will not fall behind.


    Accelerated Reader/Renaissance Learning

    Students will be required to regularly check out books from the library, and complete AR/RL assignments. Students will be required to achieve the set point goal at the end of every nine weeks. The goal will be entered as a test grade.


    Classroom Expectations

    Students are expected to:

    1.  Participate and take an active role in the learning process
    2.  Bring all supplies and necessary textbooks to class daily
    3.  Exercise and adhere to the established classroom rules and procedures
    4.  Submit all assignments in a timely and orderly manner according to the classroom procedures and guidelines established by Phillip's Academy and BCS



    Using information (this includes copying the words and/or ideas) from someone else without citing your source is not allowed. Please do not claim someone else’s words or ideas as your own; this includes your classmates as well. You will earn zero (0) points on assignments that contain any plagiarism.


    Why Read?