Schedule Change Guidelines:

    • No changes will be made for teacher preference.
    • Students will be permitted a schedule change if a class has been previously passed and is currently on the student’s schedule.
    • Students enrolling in a course after the start of the semester are responsible for all course expectations.
      • This includes coursework prior to the student’s enrollment.
      • The student is responsible for developing a work completion schedule with the instructor.
    • Students who requested a course during the course selection period last March/April 2018 (and have not been scheduled for the course) may also complete a request to change.
    • A change may also occur if a prerequisite for graduation is lacking.
      • Example: If you are scheduled for “Advanced Business Tech” and you have not taken and passed “Career Preparedness.”
    • Please make sure you provide all requested information on the form (name, grade, current schedule, possible changes, etc).
      • There is no need to come to the Counselors’ office to check on the progress of your schedule. You will be notified in person or by email of your approval or denial.
    • Students are required to work to their fullest potential while waiting for a decision in regards to a change in schedule.
    • The schedule change request period ends promptly on 8-14-2018 at 12pm.
    • To begin the process, turn to the back. (turn the paper over)

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    Scan the QR code to begin or follow these directions:


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