• Current Assignment


    Read and listen to LAFF and answer analyze text questions

    Vocabulary and definitions w/ boxes

    spelling words with sentences

    All Google classroom assignments

    Be sure and answer open ended questions!

    Any additional homework given this week.


  • Past Due Assignments:

      • A Package for Mrs. Jewels. 
      • Reader's Notebook: pages 1-6
      • Write vocabulary words in ELA notebook. 
      • Define vocabulary and form a complete sentence with each word.
      • Copy and study spelling words.
      • Listen to audio/ Read online story " A Package for Mrs. Jewels"
      • Complete Reading Plot graphic organizer and place in binder.
      • Reader's Notebook pages 27-32
      • complete vocabulary boxes place in binder
      • Look up vocabulary place in ELA notebook
      • Write one sentence for each word place in ELA notebook

                       Off and Running

                       Complete vocabulary: Definition and sentence

                       Study spelling

                       Reader's notebook pages 33-36.

    • Vocabulary Words for Double Dutch: 
    • Write definition and sentence. ELA notebookStudy Spelling words
    • Read story/ Listen to story and answer analyze the text questions to help master skills.

    Dangerous Crossing

    Complete vocabulary and definitions

    Write a sentence with each word

    Listen to story audible answer questions

    Read story and answer story questions

    Complete reader's notebook homebook pages 157-164

    Writing handbook practice (classroom)

    Vocabulary boxes (classroom)

    Complete cause and effect chart for story (classroom)






    • Reader's Notebook pages 39-44
    • Reader's Notebook pages 51-56
    • Read and listen to story/answer questions for comprehension
    • Vocabulary words define and write sentence put in notebook
    • Study Spelling words
    • Read nightly
    • Complete Google classroom assignments

      Lesson 6: 

      Complete vocabulary and definitions on looseleaf paper place in reading binder

      Complete spelling words and a sentence with each word place in reading binder


      Complete Vocabulary and definitions for Old Yeller.

      Reader's Notebook pages 79-82.

      Read story. Answer text dependent questions. 


      • Complete google classroom assignments.
      • Story: Cougars
      • Read and listen to story
      • Answer story questions
      • Complete graphic organizer main idea and details (ELA notebook)
      • Review story standards for this week (look under audible stories for the week) 
      • Complete vocabulary and definitions. (ELA notebook)
      • Write sentences with vocabualry words.
      • Complete readers notebook pages  112-116. (homework)
      • Writing workbook (In classroom)
      • Vocabulary boxes (In classroom)


      Read and listen to James Forten story.

      Answer questions from the story.

      Finish classroom questions.

      Complete sequence of events chart. 

      Complete main idea and details chart.

      Vocabulary: Write definitions and sentences.

      Spelling: Study words. 

      Reader's notebook pages 195-200.

      Writing handbook practice (classroom)



      Read and listen to "We Were There Too"

      Complete vocabulary boxes and definitions

      Finish Text questions

      Complete graphic organizers

      Study spelling words

      Reader's Notebook homework pages 207-212

      First Flag passage

      The Flag that Honors War Veterans passage

      Complete prefixes and suffixes morpheme page