• Current Assignment



    Read and listen to James Forten story.

    Answer questions from the story.

    Finish classroom questions.

    Complete sequence of events chart. 

    Complete main idea and details chart.

    Vocabulary: Write definitions and sentences.

    Spelling: Study words. 

    Reader's notebook pages 195-200.

    Writing handbook practice (classroom)



  • Past Due Assignments:

      • A Package for Mrs. Jewels. 
      • Reader's Notebook: pages 1-6
      • Write vocabulary words in ELA notebook. 
      • Define vocabulary and form a complete sentence with each word.
      • Copy and study spelling words.
      • Listen to audio/ Read online story " A Package for Mrs. Jewels"
      • Complete Reading Plot graphic organizer and place in binder.
      • Reader's Notebook pages 27-32
      • complete vocabulary boxes place in binder
      • Look up vocabulary place in ELA notebook
      • Write one sentence for each word place in ELA notebook

                       Off and Running

                       Complete vocabulary: Definition and sentence

                       Study spelling

                       Reader's notebook pages 33-36.

    • Vocabulary Words for Double Dutch: 
    • Write definition and sentence. ELA notebookStudy Spelling words
    • Read story/ Listen to story and answer analyze the text questions to help master skills.

    Dangerous Crossing

    Complete vocabulary and definitions

    Write a sentence with each word

    Listen to story audible answer questions

    Read story and answer story questions

    Complete reader's notebook homebook pages 157-164

    Writing handbook practice (classroom)

    Vocabulary boxes (classroom)

    Complete cause and effect chart for story (classroom)






    • Reader's Notebook pages 39-44
    • Reader's Notebook pages 51-56
    • Read and listen to story/answer questions for comprehension
    • Vocabulary words define and write sentence put in notebook
    • Study Spelling words
    • Read nightly
    • Complete Google classroom assignments

      Lesson 6: 

      Complete vocabulary and definitions on looseleaf paper place in reading binder

      Complete spelling words and a sentence with each word place in reading binder


      Complete Vocabulary and definitions for Old Yeller.

      Reader's Notebook pages 79-82.

      Read story. Answer text dependent questions. 


      • Complete google classroom assignments.
      • Story: Cougars
      • Read and listen to story
      • Answer story questions
      • Complete graphic organizer main idea and details (ELA notebook)
      • Review story standards for this week (look under audible stories for the week) 
      • Complete vocabulary and definitions. (ELA notebook)
      • Write sentences with vocabualry words.
      • Complete readers notebook pages  112-116. (homework)
      • Writing workbook (In classroom)
      • Vocabulary boxes (In classroom)