Image result for illness emoji   ILLNESS/ABSENCES:

    Please contact the school office in the morning if your child is to be absent and inform them why he/she will not be attending. If your child has been ill, he/she should be free of a temperature for 24 hours before returning to school.

    If your child is diagnosed with any of the following communicable diseases please notify the nurse:  strep throat, chicken pox, impetigo, scabies, and head lice, pink eye and viral/diarrhea illness.


     The exclusion time for each is:

    Strep Throat and Impetigo – 24 hours after initial dose of antibiotic

    Impetigo – When the skin is clear or the student has been under treatment for 24 hours

    Chicken Pox – 7 days or until lesions are crusted over

    Scabies/Ringworm – 24 hours after initial of medication and an MD note

    Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) – 24 hours after initial dose of medication

    Head Lice – after hair has been treated and nits removed