• Ms. Hale   Hello All,

      It is a pleasure serving you as a reading specialist and character development liaison.

    As a reading specialist, I must say that becoming a good  reader requires strategy and daily practise. Two strategies that can be helpful on your reading journey are close reading and note-taking.When you are reading closely, you are slowing the pase down. Read word by word, sentence by sentence,and attempt to understand each sentence. At the same time,stop and define all unfamiliar words. Finally, use a journal to document by writing the main idea for each page, if the assignment is the size of a novel, and if the writing is informational, write the main idea for each paragraph. The length should be no longer than a sentence for both selection sizes. Remember, the most important point in reading activities is to understand what you are reading, and good readers"READ." Your reading time should be at least 30 minutes a day. Reading can be fun, if you select a genre that interests you. Two familiar genres are fiction( not real) and nonfiction( real). Challenge yourself by selecting reading material that is mildly daring to read. Required reading is also important. These are the reading selections that your teachers have selected for you to read, and a grade is attached to each reading selection. In required reading selections, plan many short periods to read to maintain attention on the content to improve understanding. Additionally, follow the prior suggested reading strategies. Need additional help? Call me at the number below.

    As your character development liaison, I challenge you to be concerned about the way you represent yourself as a person. Reputation is a collection of character events woven together to represent who you are. It is how others see you. A good reputation can open doors for you, and a bad reputation can close doors for you. Doing what is right may not be popular, but it is respected by  those with greater sensibility and ethical integrity. Plan to be the positive  change in your environment.

     Thank you,

     Ms. Hale

    205/ 578-6755